My faith in God wasn’t waning, but faith in the church definitely was when my husband and I walked through the doors of Trinity. I was tired of churches turning the gospel into a political platform, an excuse to discriminate, and an opportunity for greed and materialism. I was hungry for a church that preached the pure, unvarnished truth that Jesus came to give life and it was available for everyone. I wondered if my husband and I were the only ones left who believed that. We both wondered if there was a church for people like us.

We wandered into Trinity as spiritual refugees, looking for a better world: a home, a place to live out our faith with people who still believed in the idea that God loves the whole world, no exceptions. To our surprise, we found our people in this historic building, steeped in Episcopal traditions and liturgy, which were foreign yet familiar. Not only did they believe what we did, they even had the bumper stickers to prove it! Trinity calls these beliefs progressive, but I see it as a throwback to the incredible hope to which he has called all of us.

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