Hello my Friends! 

As promised, this week I have another wonderful music reflection to share with you. This week, it comes from choir member Ashley Espinoza. I hope this note inspires you, too, to think about music; what place it holds in your life, how you use it, and perhaps the people who opened your ears to new possibilities of creative expression. 

Happy singing!

Music for me has always been an outlet. No matter what kind of day I’ve had, I know I can pour out all of my feelings through singing or through dance. Whether I’m sad or angry or happy, or excited, I know there’s a song for me to channel that energy through.  

I’ve never had much patience or talent with drawing or crafting, but I have a creative soul. Music has always been my way of putting my creativity out into the world.  

I count myself so blessed that I had the opportunity to learn how to sing in school. It’s been the greatest therapy and conduit for emotional growth in my life. 

Ashley Espinosa 


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