Hello, friends!

This weekend is the start to our Annual Pledge Drive. It’s always a wonderful time for the music department, as we are tasked with finding a song to serve as inspiration. As many of you have come to know me, you know that this is one of my favorite activities: finding music.

This year, our theme, Rooted in Abundance, allows for many angles to do some wonderful Google searching. And when I say (or type) Google searching, what I truly mean is YouTube and Spotify searching.

YouTube and Spotify, I think, are finally starting to understand me, as the algorithms seem to be shifting over to music that is uplifting, inspiring, and somewhere within the genres of gospel, traditional hymns, contemporary Christian music, folk, traditional choral music, modern choral music, country and musical theatre. Truly, this is a recipe for success.

Anyway, back to business.

Away searching I went: Roots. Taking Root. Abundance? No. Flowers? Bloom? Grounded? Grounding? Trees. More than Enough- nope, that was last year.. Try again. Buds? Leaves? Okay, back to roots.

Finally- got something. I found this joyful song: Putting Down Roots by Martin Harley. This song does a great job of underscoring the shift many people experience in life where they feel the call to finally embrace exactly where they are, and perhaps have found what they are looking for.. Or what they want has surprised them right under their noses. “Kicking off my walking shoes, and I’m putting down roots.”

It was a good option. But, something said to keep looking.

And then, Kirk Franklin showed up on my feed.

Kirk Franklin is an incredible singer, composer, song writer, and performer. His music is uplifting and full of hope and promise. An award-winning artist, it is difficult to indulge in some of his work and not feel renewed after hearing it. And the song that showed up on my feed certainly felt like divine timing.

Instead of writing about it, please enjoy this recording of Kirk Franklin’s “Why We Sing.” And you’ll know exactly why this is the right song for us at Trinity this year.

“Someone asked a question
Why do we sing?
When we lift our hands to Jesus
What do we really mean?

Someone may be wondering
When we sing our song
At times we may be crying
And nothing’s even wrong

I sing because I’m happy (I sing)
I sing because I’m free (His eye’s on)
His eye’s on the sparrow
That’s the reason why I sing

Glory, hallelujah
You’re the reason why I sing
Glory, hallelujah
You’re the reason why I sing”

– Kirk Franklin

Musically yours,

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