My husband, Bruce, and I came to Trinity about nine years ago, leaving a Presbyterian church where we raised our sons. I had been a lifelong Presbyterian.   Our primary reason for leaving was a new, homophobic pastor.  We both found Trinity to be welcoming and appreciated the diversity.    Bruce died over 3 ½ years ago and I think of the support we received from Trinity…meals, cards, medication pick up, visits.  It all meant so much.  When I think of a faith community, that’s just what I’m looking for: community.   A place to grow in faith and service.  A place to love others and be loved.  A place where real life experiences can be shared and accepted, not hidden. 

     I was on Vestry when Bruce became sick. I resigned as I could rarely leave home.  After his death I decided that I should be involved/volunteer where I can best use my gifts.  I decided to focus on one- on -one experiences versus meetings.   I have enjoyed visiting elderly members,  offering homebound communion, being part of a small group,  and being a Pop-Up-Dinner host.  Always I feel that I receive more than I have given. 

     Baking bread, greeting and coffee hour hosting are other activities I enjoy at Trinity.  I love to talk and meet new people, which I can do through these activities.  Thank you, Trinity community!  And, please stop me if I talk too much!

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