2019 Trinity Vestry

Serving on the vestry of any church is an amazing experience, and an unique opportunity to love and grow into a consistent, faithful, demanding, and hopefully, extremely rewarding role in the life of a community of faith. Trinity’s vestry consists of 9 members who serve 3-year terms providing fiduciary oversight and take responsibility for the temporal and financial aspects of our common life. Trinity is so grateful to all who have discerned this leardership position.

At the 2019 Annual Meeting, we approved 5 new members of Vestry, 2 willing to fill unexpired terms and 3 ready to begin full 3-year terms.

Jeff Albright, Vestry Class: 2017-2020
Darrell Cousino, Junior Warden, Vestry Class: 2018-2021
Dennis Degnan, Vestry Class: 2019-2022
Roberta Durham, Clerk, Vestry Class: 2018-2021
Jamie Paul, Assisting Treasurer, Vestry Class: 2018-2021
Bob Meeker, Vestry Class: 2019-2022
Becky Roth, Vestry Class: 2017-2020
Donna Steppe, Vestry Class: 2019-2022
Alice Todd, Senior Warden, Vestry Class: 2017-2020

Greg Shumaker, Treasurer

Alice Todd, Senior Warden

Darrell Cousino, Junior Warden

Jamie Paul, Assisting Treasurer

Dennis Degnan

Becky Roth

Donna Steppe

Jeffrey Albright

Bob Meeker

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