Become a Member


Trinity grows in unexpected and wonderful ways every time a new member joins the community. We support the ministries and people of Trinity by our regular attendance at worship on Sundays, during liturgical holidays, and at parish events throughout the year. We invite friends to share these celebrations.


Trinity welcomes your particular gifts, and we hope that you’ll feel encouraged to bring new ideas and energies to the church. All members of the parish contribute time and money, involving themselves in the governance, growth and common life of the community. All members prayerfully reflect on their experience of God’s generous giving and renew their commitment to give back during the annual fall pledge drive. We encourage one another to move toward tithing (giving 10% of our income to God’s church).


All members of Trinity are baptized Christians who actively live their faith in their daily lives. You may be baptized at any Sunday liturgy. If you have already been baptized, we ask that you have those records sent to the parish office (we can help you with this request).

Want more information?

Call the parish office at (419) 243-1231 and request an appointment with the priest. Because God draws everyone into friendship, we support the spiritual growth of all people who come to Trinity.