Toledo Streets Newspaper

“Empowering individuals struggling with extreme poverty to participate on a new level in the community through self-employment, job training, and contribution.”

Toledo Streets Workforce Development is designed to help those in poverty or facing homelessness to address the crisis of poverty. We offer a combination of immediate access to legitimate self-employment, workforce development resources, and supportive social services. By helping individuals work toward personal stability and financial self-sufficiency, Toledo Streets provides a hand up and not a handout.

Toledo Streets produces a monthly newspaper focused on giving voice to those in poverty and individuals and organizations making a positive impact in our community. Our vendors are self-employed “micro-business owners” who set their own goals, selling locations, and hours of operation. Venders purchase each paper for 25¢, sell it for $1, and then keep the difference as profit. Vendors also have the opportunity to earn income by writing and selling advertisement for the paper. They commit to managing their own business while abiding by our Vender Code of Conduct.

Toledo Streets is a safe and supportive place for those who may feel alone. We are focused on being present in the lives of our vendors and providing opportunities to foster community and improve their overall health and well-being.

Toledo Streets Newspaper measures its success by the number of vendors who become financially independent and no longer need to offer the newspaper for income.

Why does Trinity support Toledo Streets Newspaper?

-Vendors receive income, training, and the sense of dignity, confidence and connection that can develop when their customers buy the paper and interact with them.
– Customers receive a way to reach out with their dollars to help a homeless person directly and, over time, form a caring relationship.
– People who are living on the margins receive opportunities for self-expression by offering articles and artwork for publication.
– The community receives firsthand guidance in understanding the challenges faced by Toledoans on the lowest rung of the economic ladder.

TSN relies on individual donations, advertising sales, fundraising events, grants and sponsors to support the cost of producing the newspaper. Trinity is proud to be a sponsoring partner of TSN. We see its work of community-building and serving the marginalized as a valuable ministry in downtown Toledo from which we can learn.

Success Story:  Wanda Boudrie

Wanda is a lifelong resident of the Toledo area, and has been a vendor with Toledo Street Newspaper since July, 2016. She is one of our more consistent vendors; seldom missing a vendor’s meeting. You can always find her at the BMV during the week or at the Black Kite on weekends. She is also at the Mud Hens ball park on game days during the summer.

After a bad marriage, Wanda found herself living on the streets and spent 5 years living in shelters. She has had her own apartment for the last year and a half. One of life’s challenges for Wanda is the fact that she is an insulin dependent diabetic, a condition which has cost her both of her legs.

Living on a fixed income, Wanda has been using paper sales. Recently, she was able to get her new legs. We celebrated her success as a team, and can’t wait to help her get the new pair of dancing boots she has been waiting for.

“Be polite and treat everyone with respect. Thank you or God Bless You doesn’t cost a thing.”