The above quote comes from the “Cosmic Order” section of the Song of Creation from the Episcopal Church’s Common Book of Prayer and it is something that I find personally comforting. For so long the church has used the word dark or darkness as synonymous with bad or evil, when in reality it is a natural part of our life. Rest and rejuvenation comes from darkness, or at least we’re given the opportunity to. I say this because, since Priest Lisa announced her leaving back in July, there is a perception of a loss of momentum over everything past September 10th, or as I call it a a bit of a dark cloud. It is hard to remember that the work of the church will still be going at times. I know there hasn’t been a lot of announcements about anything happening this fall for a few reasons:

1. We want to focus on giving Priest Lisa the sendoff she deserves after six incredible years of service and ministry to our little corner of God’s creation.
2. We’re still working on it, and we care about getting it right for everyone involved.

In the coming weeks you’ll hear about how Deacon Meribah is leading a multi-faith gun violence meeting here on 10/8, some cool stuff that Chelsie has been up to, and a few things up my sleeves. Something that hasn’t been out of sight of the Vestry and your staff here is that the church keeps moving forward, but we want to respect, honor, and savor some of our time left with Lisa. So, sit tight my friends and family, because before you know it this “darkness” that has been hanging over will pass, and we WILL bless God because of it.

Grace and peace my friends.

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