“Why do you go to church? And why Trinity?”, I’m often asked. Depending on what’s happening in my life and at church, I say a couple of things.

Often I say, “the music!” I love singing with this feisty bunch of kids and not quite still kids, I learn from them, and I certainly learn from our beautiful talented and accomplished leader, Nate Leonard. More than that, singing together is not just performance, for me it’s worship and prayer. I feel lucky to be able to sing in church, and at Trinity.

Sometimes I say, “it’s the people!”. As I look around, I see amazing diversity, maybe the widest and most thrilling diversity of any area of my life. And many of you are important to me in a deeper way. My teachers, my sisters and brothers. What a room!

Occasionally I confess, “I’m not sure, I just know I need it.” Maybe it’s a way to stay connected with my Dad, the Baptist preacher. Maybe it’s the teaching by our lively and powerfully intellectual “lead singer”, Lisa Tucker-Gray. Maybe it’s that moment at communion when I understand myself as connected to Jesus followers around the world and back through time.

In the end, what I say most often is, “come and see”. Maybe the music will touch you. Maybe you’ll find community where you can feel safe, nurtured and encouraged. Maybe, for you, it will just feel right.

Thanks, Trinity. See you Sunday!

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