Y’all, I love TikTok.  

If you haven’t downloaded it, and you are a music lover, you should.  

Some of you may bristle at even the mention of something like this, and I can’t blame you. We hear a lot about the negatives of social media. That it can be harmful, spread propaganda, racist ideals, fat shaming, encourage stupid behavior with the “safety net” of anonymity, reinforce unattainable beauty standards, show an unrealistic expression of life… there are many reasons to stay away from it. And I can respect those of you who need to do that for your own mental health and safety. 


There is a whole other side to social media that I don’t think gets the coverage it deserves.  

The massively creative, connecting and inspiring side of social media. 

Music TikTok is extraordinary. It can lead you to all kinds of artists you’ve never seen. Also, all kinds of music that you didn’t even know existed… all kinds of awesome instruments and getting a view of those people then also playing them up close. Not to mention all the humor that comes from it as well… it’s a nerd’s paradise. And I can imagine that if you’re reading this blog, you too are at least a bit of a music nerd too. <3    

So, when you download TikTok later today, let me give you a place to start. Natalie Layne has a teaser of a new song coming out, and while the title has yet to be shared, you can find it by searching the artists name and “It’s not always easy.” It’ll take you to a lovely teaser of a piece about gratitude. I can appreciate her singer/songwriter meets musical theatre meets pop meets gospel vibe. I hope you like her too. It’s a song Trinity will cover when it’s released. It’s got a great message, at least so far! 

Music TikTok is great, and there are many other sides of TikTok that are amazing. I have been deeply moved by snapshots of poetry I’ve heard, many about the divine and different interpretations of its physical manifestation. About progressive Christianity, and wonderful affirming and inspiring priests making statements with love at the forefront. I’veheard theoretical thoughts and perspectives on God, and how God manifests herself in our world in different ways. There’s a wonderful video on “What if God is water?” that provides a thought-provoking backdrop for further, deeper exploration of what God manifest could look like.   

Social media is a part of our world. It’s not going anywhere. It’s a big communication tool, and it makes me think about Trinity. How could we send out our message of big love and joy… and hopefully finding someone who needs to hear it? Using these platforms as a tool for good manifested in our reality in 2023 could be a wonderful way to sink into the future, continue to enhance our online presence, and mainly, share messages of big love through the digital world.  


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