Yesterday a group of volunteers showed up at 9:30am to start cooking for the vendors at Toledo Streets Newspaper, a community partner we have had for a number of years now. Every month, we provide a thought out, well cooked meal that has a meat and vegan option for some of the hardest working people in this city. Since I have joined the Trinity community, this has become one of my favorite days of the month, not only because I love to cook, BUT, because I get to spend time in community with friends. Food plays such an important part in the work of Jesus, so it is no wonder some of the best conversations we have is around a table full of goodness, and the third Thursday morning of the month is no different.

Because of the contributions, pledges, and random giving of people, we are able to deliver the best meal TSN gets on a monthly basis, and we are able to continue to build and grow in relationship with our friends there. A friend of mine often said to me, “the church is notorious for promising a feast and delivering a sacked lunch.” Part of this is because the approach to food in the church has been, “they should be lucky they’re getting it” or “we’re here making it so people shouldn’t complain.” While those words are rarely said out loud, the truth lies in the fact that people deserve goodness, and good food is part of that whether we agree to it or not.

Thank you for making this ministry possible.

Grace and peace,
George Benson (he/him)

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