Well here we are: We’ve made it to TOLEDO PRIDE WEEKEND! 

This weekend we have a fantastic array of great activities here at Trinity that are meant to compliment the fantastic pride event being provided by Toledo Pride. Friday Night, we’ll have a family friendly kickoff cookout up on the plaza from 4-7pm. There will be bracelet making, food, face painting, a dance party, corn hole, Disney Princesses JASMINE and ELSA (at 5 pm), and DRAG STRORYTIME with local Drag Queen BAHA BLAST (6 pm).  Come enjoy the plaza, the great weather, and get ready for a fantastic weekend of joy!! 

Saturday, we’ll truly be “the church.”  We’ll march in the parade, hand out water bottles right outside the front doors as parade walkers pass by. AND, while the big main event is happening at Promenade in the afternoon (where our tent will be proudly placed) the church will be OPEN for Hospitality: meaning, air conditioning and real bathrooms for anyone, and we mean everyone, taking part in the downtown festivities.  

As a member of the LGBTQIA+ community and a proud member of this church, I am overjoyed with the intentional commitment to being the church we all want to see, and the church that so many of us need, through this awesome, kick-ass celebration of love and expression in all its beautiful forms.  

Shout out to the Pride Planning Committee for knocking this year out of the park, for all the volunteers making this year happen, and let’s do this thing! <3  



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