Beloved Friends,

Last week we announced we would like to begin a series of conversations, or more accurately, “listening sessions” to hear from our extended Trinity community. We are beginning a time of community discernment regarding what Trinity “regathered” might look like in the months to come.

To do that we will gather in small groups so that we can hear your perspective and experience. Some of us are in contact regularly while others have done what they have needed to do to survive and thrive in this season of separation, but regardless, we want to hear from as many of you as possible.

Some have already signed up to attend a session- thank you; others are encouraged to do the same here. If these sessions fill up, we are happy to add more.

How will we spend our hour together?

Here is what we propose: We will ask 3 questions and give time for each participant to respond:

  1. What has surprised, delighted, fed or inspired you through this season of Trinity@Home worship services?
  2. How have you been involved in our common life over the past year and what have you learned- how have you grown? Has there been a particular class, event, study, gathering or project that has nurtured your soul?
  3. What has this season taught, offered, inspired, challenged or fostered for our future as we continue on as a growing community of faith?

The idea is to begin by hearing from you- these gatherings will be less about conversation and more about hearing your important perspectives. The planning we do in the months to come will be informed by what we hear and discern together. We encourage you to come and to share from your heart.

What I know already is that we are never going back to what we were before. God has lived in our hearts and changed us over this past year; we are expanding in reach and discipleship; deepening in commitment and faithfulness; clarifying and committing to the necessary work of racial justice paved by the Way of Love every day as we move forward following Jesus.

As we continue to embrace the idea of “BIG LOVE” – the love that Jesus makes real again and again in the story of the resurrection, we are called to keep moving forward together without fear.  I remain excited and so grateful for what feels like the birthing of a new church- a new season- a new resurrected hope that out of the ashes of this past year a beautiful future is on the horizon indeed.

Please honor us by gifting your time and your perspective- whether you have been at Trinity for a minute or a lifetime- we need and want to hear from you.

And may you never forget that you are loved,

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