“No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, know that you are welcome and wanted in this place.”

That statement resonated with me from the day that Kelly (my wife) and I walked into Trinity over 4 years ago.  Those were the first words that spoke to me.  And the sermon Lisa gave a few years ago on “Doubting Thomas” touched my soul and has stayed with me ever since.

These two messages are all intertwined for me and have helped me find a deeper and more meaningful faith.  How many of you, over the years, have dealt with shame, fear, hurt and doubt in your spiritual journey?  And oh, how hard it is to let yourself be vulnerable; to really put yourself out there.  I’ve always taken risks, but they were “safe” risks.  I’m sure many of you can relate!

Then came Trinity Church!  From the moment we walked in, there was something remarkably different from other churches that we have attended.  It is SAFE!  It was a home, a place where we could totally be ourselves.  As Lisa said in her sermon, Thomas put himself out there, took a gamble, a chance.  Thomas had huge doubts and Lisa framed it beautifully:

“Thomas is not being petulant but persistent.
Thomas is not being insolent, but inquisitive.
Thomas is not being disrespectful, but determined.”

What helpful attributes to have.

Thomas wouldn’t believe the Disciples, that Jesus had risen, unless he could see and touch Jesus himself; what courage, bravery and fortitude that took.

My involvement in Trinity has shifted me and pushed me beyond my wildest dreams, even when I had my doubts.  I was guided with love and compassion and learned that doubt and vulnerability are okay.  As a matter of fact, doubt and vulnerability are celebrated here.

I write this to encourage all of you to take a risk, this is a safe place to do things that may be hard for you.  It can be something very small, like saying hello to someone that you don’t know on a Sunday morning.  It could be something more involved like joining a committee, joining the choir, or reading the scripture.

Over the years here, Trinity has allowed me to grow and trust in something other than myself.  Here you have the opportunity to be bold, to make mistakes, to ask for help and direction, the freedom to question, to agree, to disagree, to be brave!  Above all, trust God and love yourself.

May it be so!

Here is the link for Lisa’s sermon on “Doubting Thomas”.

Love and Peace,


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