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December 31, 2022

An important message to the Trinity community-

I write to you today as the Manager of our resale shop, Next To New.
Over the last 6 months, Lisa, the faithful NTN volunteers, the vestry and I have spent time in conversation about the next right step to take as this ministry continues to change and evolve.

After significant discernment together, we have made the decision to refocus the ministry by entering into a season of transformation. The pandemic greatly reshaped the local community we serve and now realize the most faithful response we can take is to re-evaluate the focus and mission of our ministry to best meet the needs of downtown and greater Toledo.

A confluence of factors has led us to this point including:

  • The greatest need in the community is a ministry to provide clothing for women, men and children during times of transition.
  • The current footprint of NTN at Trinity has outgrown a viable configuration to maintain with inventory exceeding our capacity to manage.
  • The current number of volunteers does not match our ability to staff a “store” with consistent operating hours.
  • As of January 2022 NTN will no longer have a dedicated paid staff to oversee the ministry.

Moving forward we will take the next 6 months to gather more information exploring our vision to re-open a new free community closet. This ministry will relocate in the building to a space more accessible, safe and effective, while also freeing up the current footprint of disproportionate space that could be used to serve our community in other ways. 

A deep bow of gratitude to the souls that have touched this ministry over the decades. Volunteers, donations, and spreading the good news that is Next To New has been so important to the incredible work this ministry has done in the community. Without the helping hands, warm smiles, and loving compassion, this ministry would not have had such an immense impact on our neighborhood.

Thank you for all you have done to birth, nurture, support and sustain this ministry- it has truly been a labor of love. Stay tuned for further updates and invitations to be involved in this exciting transition over the next six months. At times like these we lean into the promise that with every door that closes another surely is getting ready to be flung open.

Lynzi Miller

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