This weekend is Mother’s Day, and one might ask what exactly I’m doing with/for my Mom this weekend. Maybe we’re preparing to get together on Sunday for a meal together. That there’s some sort of warm, heartfelt, hallmark movie kind of plan. Drenched in love, and sometimes a bit of cheddar. 

Well, my mom will be in Cleveland this weekend. For what, you might ask? For Lizzo’s SPECIAL tour.  

My mom, Jeni, has always been cooler than me in the best way. She and my stepdad, Russ (or Russie, as I prefer) are huge music lovers. They have been known to travel the world seeing some of their favorite bands. Their house, the home I grew up in, is full of professionally framed concert posters. And these posters are works of art. Pearl Jam, one of the bands for which they are one step away from being groupies, always employs a local artist from the town they’re playing to create the evening’s concert poster. So each poster for each place is unique, and usually a stunning work of art, in handpicked frames. And we’re not talking plain black frames. We’re talking coordinating colors, used to enhance the poster’s natural beauty. This paragraph is not doing justice to the level of creativity required for this kind of artistry. It’s impressive. 

My mom values and treasures music. There is always music on in the house somewhere. It is not unlike us to find ourselves on YouTube at a family gathering, watching different musical performances. She often sends me TikTok’s (yes, she’s on TikTok) of different cool music, including Harry Styles, and many others. Actually, some of the songs we’ve sung at church have been her findings. 

What I’m trying to say is that my mom is wonderful. She is a wonderfully complex human being with a love for music that goes beyond the idea of Hallmark and lives right in the center of a being. And she passed it down to all her kids. 

Have an excellent weekend everyone. See you Sunday! 


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