The question is “What keeps you coming back to Trinity?”  My three reasons: the liturgical service, deep reading of the Word, the awesome people.

ToledoScape, Class of 1982, was my first venture inside Trinity’s walls.  In 1998 the Bishop “received” me and I became a “communicant member” of the parish. At that time my life was undergoing major changes: children grown and flown, marriage dissolved.  Trinity was affected by the turmoil in local and national business and politics.  Pain and conflict in the collective paralleled my personal predicament.

Trinity worked through several reconciliation processes, planned and renovated the nave and moved into its “progressive, inclusive, creative” resurrection downtown.  As we discovered our gifts as individuals, we were also finding our way to be Beloved Community. 

We’ve come a long way but the journey is unending. Trinity 2030 Visioning is an exciting undertaking as we continue the conversation.  Whatever the leadership group devises, it will surely reflect Bishop Curry’s #Love is the Way.  Thanks be to God!

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