Beloved Friends-

Over the course of these last three Fridays in Lent leading up to Holy Week I am going to offer a series of prayers for you to use during the week in any way that feels good and right and grounding to you and where you are on your spiritual journey. These prayers come from another wonderful resource I commend to you as well, Calling on God: Inclusive Christian Prayers for Three Years of Sundays by Peter Bankson & Deborah Sokolove.

 How has your Lenten journey been so far?

Have you heard or seen or felt anything new or familiar that is calling out to be seen and heard in your life?

During this season I have gifted myself some extra space for just that- ways of breathing deeply. I have been taking time to remind myself of God’s expansive love and trying, insufficient as it will always be, to prepare once again to hear the ultimate “love story” – with all the violence, betrayal and tragedy it includes when we get to Holy Week so very soon.

But for now, I am simply carving out small ways to sit in the quiet- both alone and in community. If you haven’t been to one of our Wednesday noon Eucharists I encourage you to come join us for this quiet time of sitting together. We are using the resources from Sanctified Art- the artwork, the poetry and the questions for reflection offered each week; it has been some of the most peaceful time of this season for me this year.

May these prayers for the remainder of Lent help you slow down for a few minutes each week, open yourself to the immensity of God’s goodness inside of you and connect you deeply to those places in need of tender care.

And may you never forget that you are loved,


Prayer for the Fourth Week of Lent:

Ineffable Mystery of life, cosmic Jeweler,
      who crafts those brazen daffodil and royal crocus gems
      and sets them in a spiked emerald crown;
Holy Source of life and fresh new growth, we gather here like and
      drawn to some damp sweetness on the earth.
      Our hearts leap up as we experience the stirring of this season.
Holy Maker of this lively reality,
      we come to drink the cold, clear water of life
      from the ever-flowing spring of your love.
Help us tend the stream and keep the water clear for others,
      even as we celebrate the goodness of your nourishing love,
      for we would let the world know that we are your people,
      gathered in the name of Jesus, who is the Christ. Amen.

Image credit: Benjavisa Ruangvaree Art / Shutterstock

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