This week’s perspective is shared by: Alice Todd, Senior Warden.

It is an honor to serve as Senior Warden on the vestry, and a privilege to work alongside the other eight members. Collectively we are asked to participate as leaders focused on both the day to day aspects of running the business of the church while also being keenly aware of how we are called into the future mission and direction of Trinity. Each vestry member brings different skill and perspectives, sharing the common goal to make the best decisions for the greater good of the community. I encourage everyone to discern a possible call to serve on the vestry.  I believe you will find it rewarding, challenging and deeply gratifying. 

This is a particularly exciting time for everybody at Trinity-the wardens, vestry, staff, rector and all the membership as we begin the process of creating a 10-year vision together. It is a time to discern God’s dream for us. A time to define our focus and purpose for Trinity and the role we will have serving our downtown community.   If you have not attended a vision meeting, I strongly encourage to attend and feel the enthusiasm and interest of fellow members engaged in the process.

As your senior warden I have been able to witness first-hand much of what goes on behind the scenes at Trinity. We have a wonderful staff, both long-standing and new ministries, a building that is slowly but surely being loved back into life and efforts made to bring our technology and systems into the current century. Sometimes the work is slow going but it is happening and it is so exciting.

So whether you are a new or long-time member, let this serve as yet another reminder that you are indeed welcome and wanted in this place, because it does indeed “take a village” to grow a community of faith.

Alice Todd, Sr. Warden                     

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