Hello my fellow Trinitarians! Just a reminder that I will be hosting a class/brunch-in every Sunday this month after church from 11:30-12:15/30. These classes will be broken in two parts and will cover things like what community engagement means, what you all would like to see happen at Trinity, what guides the work I’m doing, and any questions you all may have. I am so excited about this and look forward to seeing you all then! Come hungry and with questions.

For today’s blog, I’d like to focus on something that I needed reminded of today. In their book Desert Wisdom Henri Noun and Yoshi Nomura tackle some of the sayings of the desert mothers and fathers. These were individuals who broke off from society and really created the first Christian sectarian community. They were monks and nuns and abbots and abbesses before the concept reached Europe. Nouwen introduces the book while Nomura translates the phrases and uses traditional Japanese illustration to go along with the words. You can purchase it here, I highly recommend it.

“Abba Mios was asked by a solider whether God would forgive a sinner. After instructing him at some length, the old man asked him: Tell me, my dear, if your cloak were torn, would ou throw it away? Oh, no! He replied, I would mend it and wear it again. The old man said to him: Well, if you care for your cloak, will not God show mercy to his own creature?” (Pg. 11)

This week I have been running a little on empty, and I have felt the worn holes in my cloak more than normal. If you’re in the same space, may you remember to patch those holes, and care for your cloaks in the same way our loving God cares for us.

Grace and peace,
George Benson (he/him)

(Art by Yoshi Nomura, Desert Wisdom, pg. 11)

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