Have you ever had the experience of hearing a true singer? Like someone who stops you in your tracks, someone from the moment those vocal folds flutter and the sound hits your ear, you are forced to listen? Well today, friends, I share with you a recording of a singer and his rendition of a hymn we all know and love, that stopped me in my tracks.  

Singing has always been an important activity in my being. It is something that is integral in my own person; a mode of expression that feels like a requirement to my own living. If its possible, it is like something compulsive to my own healthy existence. Kelly, my wife, often comments on my constant unconscious singing I’m singing and don’t even know I am. (These comments are always in love and joy.)  

I am happy to connect you today with singer Hasan Green and his home recording of Pass Me Not. From the first note of his improvisational beginning, I hope you too are stopped in your tracks, and instantly transported to the holy now.  

Happy singing, friends! 


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