The Bishop’s Bike Ride trained me to appreciate community in a new way. We were a rolling church,  gathering ideas, support,  sustenance and friendship from all we met. We grew to be like family during home stays on our travels between northern Ohio parishes. We pedaled, laughed, strained, relaxed and exulted over those 250 miles.  There were no others.  We were on the same path. 

Trinity seems like this experience to me. We move through services,  projects,  arts performances, and seasons together. We act like sisters and brothers throughout every week. We gather in each other’s homes and in our rooms downtown to share stories and meals. We are on the same path. 

Come to Bellwether Farm in Wakeman, OH for the Bishop’s Bike Ride on August 31 to join with Pat Squire, Darrell & Elizabeth Cousino and my brothers and sisters from around the diocese.  We’ll have church. And we will roll!

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