Beloved Friends,

The promise and the power of the resurrection is not just the empty tomb, it is the presence of the risen Christ in our midst. It is Christ meeting us in our everyday doubts, struggles and heartbreaks offering us peace in the midst of confusion and fear.

The story of Jesus’ appearance to Thomas, who we have labeled as “doubting Thomas” is always read on the second Sunday after Easter for good reason. After the stone has been rolled from the tomb and we sigh a collective relief for the arrival of the 50 days of Eastertide stretching from now until Pentecost we can easily lull ourselves into an overly confident spiritual stance of triumph and certainty.

And then Thomas shows up to remind us of a deeper truth, a primal need, a most basic call in which each of us has moments of doubt, question, challenge and confusion. Come hear this story again or for the first time and we will think through together what it means to doubt and question.

I have come to believe that doubt can compel us towards a deeper, more meaningful faith. Nothing feels more holy at times than wrestling with questions that reveal our deepest yearnings, sense of self or desire to truly belong. Our faith offers space for questions and doubts, for anger and frustration, for pushing back and pulling out our holy hair at times—all important as we make our way each day.

The disciples were locked in a house afraid- and I suspect we do the same at times. Let’s break out of that house, that fear, and find what it is that compels us to move forward in love proclaiming the good news that He is Risen!

May you never forget you are loved.