Jeff Stewart is a Toledo based musician. With an active YouTube and Facebook presence, Jeff shares his gift for songwriting through these mediums, and also often in person. He’s one of those performers that has a gig every night. Someone like that does not earn a performance schedule like this on accident.   

If you’ve ever heard of the “Seven degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon” (of which all of you reading this are now three degrees away from Kevin Bacon) People in Toledo are always one degree of separation of each other. Our own Grace Mauk and Heather Meyer have known Jeff Stewart (and his work) for many years. 

In interviewing Heather, she said Jeff is a true singer songwriter, he’s the dude that writes love songs and renewed life. Heather best described his work as acoustic rock. He is mainly a solo artist, but can also be seen playing in bands at different times. There is always hope in his music, no matter the subject matter. He has a great give and take with his audience; you are in his living room or recording studio, she says- the audience is always a part of the concert itself.  His song writing lets you into his life. He is vulnerable, real and relatable. Additionally, sounds like his brand of creativity translates into many different expressions of art as well!  

I, for one, cannot wait to have my first Jeff Stewart experience. Come hang out with me this Wednesday at Trinity, 7pm to share this moment. I’ll save you a seat! 

In love and music, 


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