I was Methodist raised, Catholic educated, spiritual crisis UU attender who then realized she loved Jesus and slid over to UCC and landed in an Episcopal church when Darrell and I decided to find a spiritual home together. Church has always been my community from my childhood onward. Sometimes that has been a rocky concept, it gets prickly, feelings get hurt. Other times it is the rock that gets you through the hard things, love abounding. A lot like family. Trinity since our arrival 7.5 years ago has been all these things. It hasn’t been perfect but it has definitely been home.

Home cooked meals dropped for bleary eyed new mom

Next to New Queen Bee

dining room hard conversations

Love out loud, and remembering foundations

sacred holy space, breath and depth

small group intentions

breakfast with family, ever growing

downtown rooted into new city spaces

music drifting, driving, thriving

Family of choice, a lifeline

I run by(literally) smiling

harmonies melting through rows of chairs

youth making inroads to our hearts

Signs that remind you why, and maybe make you proud

the pulse of a building beginning revival

3, 4 & 5 year olds dancing, rolling, and laughing

bread of life, broken, made new

all of this, together

stretched wide enough for you to step into


This has been Trinity for me. Community, home. I invite all to join me here.

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