Dear friends,

We are currently four months into Breakfast @ Trinity, and I thought it would be a good time for an update. For a little recap, last September, vestry member Karen Keune submitted a grant to the Diocese of Ohio requesting $5,000 to relaunch and restart our community breakfast as well as beefing up our coffee hour. Our goal budget for the first year knowing we’d have to purchase new equipment, update old, and pay for food was $10,000. If we received the grant, we’d start a grass roots effort to match the other $5,000. Before we received news on the grant, we had the matching funds, and then a few short months later we received the monies from the diocese. It was then a small group of people started meeting to cast this dream for being a safe space for great music and quality food in a food desert on Sunday mornings.

Four months in, we have started our volunteer pods, as well as regular volunteers who decide to show up accumulating in 30-35 people over the course of the month. That is an incredible feat that deserves a lot of recognition. Every week, at least 5-8 volunteers show up between 7:30-8am on Sundays to cook, wash dishes, set tables, serve food, make friends, and be the hands and feet of God. As of this past Sunday, we have served 866 meals. Currently, we are averaging 54 people a week, which means, the likelihood of us having served over 1,000 meals by the end of July is very real. Every week, we see new faces and regulars, the vast majority of which do not worship at Trinity.

I share all of this because, I am so proud of the work y’all are doing here. This community shows up when called, and our downtown community sees it. What we are doing on Sunday mornings in our little corner of the Kindom isn’t happening like anywhere else around this city, and people know it. So, if you’re interested, come on down and check it out. Doors open and music starts at 8:30, coffee, cereal, oatmeal, and juice ready to go; eggs, and the rest of the good stuff is served at 8:45.

Grace and peace,

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