Beloved Friends,

This Sunday we will gather again- both for Trinity@Home and Trinity@316, for a fabulous Feast Day in the life of the church called “Pentecost.” One of the most ancient feasts of the Church, Pentecost is often referred to as the “birth”-day of the church. 

On this day we read the story from the book of Acts recounting the original Pentecost. It is a dramatic account of the in-breaking of a mighty wind filling the house where the disciples were gathered followed by the appearance of “parted tongues as it were of fire,” (Acts 2:2). What happens next is truly “holy chaos”! Crowds form and languages of all kinds are heard and amazingly understood, and out of the cacophony of sound and wild energy and confusion provoking wonder and skepticism alike, a kind of faithful clarity seems to emerge resulting in the conversion and baptism of “about 3,000” people. 

It is a story rich in both meaning and mystery for us as well. Through our readings, prayers and music, we will be called to remember the gift of the Holy spirit as we too share our gifts revealed and given to us just as surely as they were revealed centuries ago. This will be a joyous occasion reminding all of us of the love and power of journeying together perhaps more than ever, and, I hope, will bring depth of purpose and meaning to our community of faith. 

So come home this Sunday (or later in the week if there is a better time for you to tune in to Trinity@Home) for what is sure to be a glorious celebration of God’s love in and through us, with Holy Spirit still having Her way—pulling and pushing, prodding and coaxing, forging a path of new possibilities each day, and simply waiting for us to be amazed and ready to respond. 

May you never forget that you are loved,


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