There are many fun things about working at Trinity. I enjoy greatly the tasks that sit on the “fun” list each week. Music selection, choir rehearsal, and creating posters are some of my favorite things to do. And this week, I got to make a poster for the upcoming BAKING COMPETITION!

Do you have the best dessert recipe? Ready to put it to the test? Then you’re ready to compete in Trinity’s upcoming baking competition! Hosted by Bradley Baker, this post Sunday competition promises fun and the good, sweet, competitive nature fun events bring out in each of us. There will be judges that will choose the best dessert in show! So get your recipes ready (or dust off Grandma’s best sitting in your recipe box) and let’s get baking! 

You can sign up for this event in the back of the sanctuary starting this weekend. All ages, experience levels, tastes, and people are welcome and wanted. You can bake, compete, taste test, or just come and observe- it’s bound to be a great time!!

Peace and love, friends!!


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