Dear Friends,

Many years ago now, David Joslin, who served as the bishop of Central New York, wrote a little pamphlet for Forward Movement Publications (the folks who bring us the “Forward Day by Day” bible reading helps), called “An Apostle in our Midst.” He wanted people to understand the role and ministry of a bishop and the link between every Episcopal bishop and the Apostles. I wish I could find the pamphlet, but I suspect it was a casualty of a library housecleaning I performed several years ago.

The gist of Bishop Joslin’s piece was that bishops were not only linked to the apostles through the long chain of the laying on of hands at ordination, the chain referred to as “Apostolic Succession,” but are also linked to the apostles by their being sent by Jesus Christ to bring the gospel of God’s love to the world.

This Sunday, October 29, the Rt. Reverend Anne Jolly, the Bishop of Ohio – she’s happy to be called Bishop Anne – will preside and preach at the 10:00 am service. We’ll have the opportunity to have a conversation with her at the reception following the 10:00 am service, and then the Vestry will meet with her.

During Bishop Anne’s visitation we’ll welcome Matthias and Kai Kefalas Siu into the household of God through the Sacrament of Baptism. Irene Ballmer, George Benson, and Kimberly Kefalas from Trinity, and Timothy Krukowski from St. Timothy’s, Perrysburg will be received into the fellowship of this communion.

Please join me in welcoming our Chief Pastor – an Apostle in our midst – to Trinity this Sunday.


Stephen Applegate

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