This past weekend, we wrapped up another wonderful season of Ukulele Choir. We are so thankful for the education leadership brought to us by Tish Westman, who took us under her wing to really learn more basics of truly playing the ukulele. There was note learning, true scales being played, a diagram even for the fretboard, and sheets for referencing strumming patterns. We learned a couple new songs each week as well, helping us master new skills to be used in future playing. It was a wonderful time had by all, and we look forward to reuniting again for Ukulele Choir.

As a musician myself, it is always humbling to begin a new instrument. I so quicky compare my skills as a singer to my skills in my new chosen instrument and can find myself quickly frustrated when I cannot immediately, or soon thereafter, get it right. Often, I must take a breath, and for me, remember my “singer age” and my “ukulele age.” As you can imagine, those numbers are quite different, and it is unfair of my singers’ skills to hold those ambitious standards to my younger ukulele skills.

It is an excellent reminder too of the importance of always finding something to be new to doing, especially as a leader of another group. As the Director of Music and the Arts, one of my duties is leading choir rehearsals, and we have had the great fortune of welcoming new members this year, hoping to continue to grow. Sometimes, with new choir members, I assume too many things. I forget to truly meet people where they are and walk with them through the beginnings. Where are the folders? Where is the music kept? Where are the parking tickets? Where does one sit? How do you even get in the building??
It is a great reminder to take the time to step back and figure out the true beginning invitation for new members. Seeing that I’m fully human, and forget things, maybe I need a welcome packet, or a document always living in my folder to help me through all the steps. Because I know that those first moments are the most important. That that first wave of good, hearty Trinity Love is often right there, and we’ve got to be ready to give. And give freely.
The point is learning to be more intentional about everything we do. That this version of love in tangible form is a true, kind, detailed, welcome.

Have wonderful weeks, my friends! See you Sunday!

(PS. The Bakeoff is this weekend!! Sign up if you have not already!!)

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