I began attending Trinity about 3 or 4 years ago and had taken an immediate interest in Next To New (NTN). At the time, Mary Wabeke was leading the group and everyone I spoke to told me that if I wanted to start volunteering down at the shop, Mary was the person to get in touch with! Ever since then, I’ve been volunteering at least once week when I’m able!

It’s such a blessing to live right across the street from Trinity, allowing me to stay involved in the wonderful things Trinity is doing, like the Sunday breakfast program, the Pop-Up lunches, and of course, volunteering at NTN.

Volunteering at the shop has introduced me to so many new people and helped create so many incredible friendships. I always say friends keep you healthy. And as long as you have family, friends and a few good laughs, you’ll have an incredibly rich life.

So stop on down to Next To New. Have some fun. Make a friend. Share a laugh. Buy 5 shirts at the same price as 1 in a department store. All are ALWAYS welcome!

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