Trinity Episcopal Church is one of 95 churches in the Episcopal Diocese of Ohio with a membership of almost 19,000 individuals. Organized in 1817, the Diocese of Ohio is part of the worldwide Anglican Communion represented in the United States by The Episcopal Church.

The Episcopal Church consists of 100 dioceses in the United States plus 11 dioceses in 16 other countries. Each diocese is led by a Bishop and convenes once a year for a “Diocesan Convention” in order to do the business of the diocese. The purpose of the annual convention is threefold: 1. To elect candidates to various Diocesan offices (Lisa was elected to the Diocesan Disciplinary Board (please ask her for details!); 2. To vote on proposed resolutions and changes to the Diocesan Constitution and Canons (rules) of the diocese; and 3. To adopt the diocesan program and budget, as well as hear reports of ministries and initiatives from across the diocese.

Each church is invited to send a team of 3 members, along with their clergy to represent their parish and participate in the decisions described above. This year I was on “Team Trinity” (along with Fritz Hany and Hugh Grefe and together we traveled to Sandusky for the two-day meeting on November 8 and 9.

The business part of convention on Saturday was preceded by a beautiful worship service and communion on Friday night at Grace Episcopal Church in Sandusky.

The experience—well, it was very “business-y”. Some people love that kind of gathering and others tolerate it for the greater good. Wherever you are on that spectrum I can say, for me, it was a worthwhile experience to know we are part of something much bigger than we are alone. The Episcopal Church around the world, the Diocese of Ohio AND Trinity Episcopal Church are all a part of a wonderful, lively, diverse and faithful community supporting and celebrating God’s love across the globe. I encourage you to consider being a delegate next year to experience this extended faith family and see how the work of the church is done and supported.

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