Beloved Friends-

During this sacred season of Advent, we are given an invitation into a time of waiting and wondering. We are encouraged to slow down and suspend the notion that we know how the story goes, and instead, consider the possibility of what it means to wait for something unexpected to be born in our lives anew. As we wait and wonder together, I offer a new poem or prayer each week as a small gift for the journey as together we make our way towards Bethlehem once again this year.

May you never forget that you are loved,

A Piece of Light (by Joyce Rupp)

There is a piece of light in all of us,
maybe hidden or buried with pain,
perhaps pushed in the corner by shame.

It is there in the arrogant, the hateful,
racists, torturers and abusers,
and ones who are willing to kill.

Seen or unseen, the light is there,
ready to kindle, eager to expand,
refusing to be tightly contained.

As soon as the tiniest space is allowed
it quickly emerges, floods outward,
illuminating the darkest of places.
One single candle lights a little dark space.

Many candles light a world full of people
desperately in need of each other’s glow.
Each lone light makes us stronger
when we all stand together.

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