Sunday June 17, 3pm

whateverandeveramen. is a project-based ensemble dedicated to the performance of high quality choral literature of varied styles from all musical eras. While you may be familiar with much of the repertoire we perform, it is our goal to present the music in settings and venues which are not necessarily typical for choral music, and to create a context which inspires a new appreciation for the music we sing. It is our hope that in addition to a fan base of listeners, our audiences will become actively engaged in our music-making community.

Our 2018 Father’s Day concert will be centered around “Songs of Fatherhood,” a song-cycle we premiered on February 7, 2014. The music by David V. Montoya sets poetry by William Wallis and was presented with artwork by London-based artist Lorato Mastebroek. We will also perform “A Father” by Sylvania composer Kevin S. Foster. This family friendly concert will feature songs celebrating fathers and families. Young children will be provided crayons to color the original artwork on the concert program.