The Eyde Co. which owns Four Seagate is doing work in the parking garage which is expected to last through October 2018. (This is unrelated to our own now-started repairs to the plaza, entrances and office area.)

When you arrive at Trinity, you may find a sign indicating that the garage is full and no parking is available. Pull up to the ticket machine as usual and press the button for a ticket. If nothing happens, press the button labeled “Assistance”. A Four Seagate security guard will answer. Tell them that you’re there to attend a Trinity worship service, and they will trigger the ticket machine to issue a ticket and lift the gate.

You may also be blocked from parking on the normal entry levels and be forced to park on the lower levels of the garage. In that case, you can walk up the garage ramps from your car to the usual Trinity entrance near the choir room. You can also use the stairwell or elevator on the Summit St. side of the garage.  Take the stairs or elevator up to what’s labeled the 4th floor (which is street level), and walk across the ramp to the Trinity entrance.

Conditions seem to change from day to day, so please stay flexible. Some parking is also available on the street; metered parking is free on the weekends. 

Visit this page often for intermittent closure information and updated parking instructions.