Hello, my friends!  

This is such a bittersweet Curate Corner, as I transition out and we prepare for Lisa to return from her sabbath time away. We are also reminded of our upcoming transition in worship – after, what, 19 months (about 1 and a half years) we will be returning to in-person worship!! And not only that, but we will move into a new Sunday schedule that includes Trinity@Home and Trinity@316, formation, ministry, and fellowship! I must be honest; I imagine it will be the most beautiful chaos I have experienced in a while, but chaos nonetheless!  

I think sometimes when we know that a big transition is coming, we can rest in a space of “I know the transition is coming and as long as I know it’s coming, it’ll all be fine.” But I am hopeful that we might take our awareness deeper as we prepare for this long-awaited transition. I would love to invite you into a space of reflection and personal ritual that can help us leave well and enter open to receiving what this new season has for you.  

Imagine that you are preparing for your next big adventure. As you slide your favorite travel backpack off one shoulder, you realize how heavy it has become and how much pressure it was putting on your body. And as you slide it off your other shoulder, you feel a release – the tension in your body begins to loosen. As you open your backpack to prepare for your journey, you realize that you have not looked in this backpack since March of 2019. No wonder your backpack was so dang heavy, there were so many things you have added to your load and so little that you have let go. So, you take a deep breath, sit down, and decide to go through your backpack: 

What do you find yourself reflecting on as you begin to unpack? 

What are you finding you have picked up along the way that no longer serves you? Do you remember why you picked this up in the first place? Spend time here, acknowledge each one – write them down on a piece of paper and dispose of the paper in a way that is meaningful to you, giving thanks to God for the strength to let go of what no longer serves you.  

What are you finding that you have picked up along the way that you wish to carry with you into the next adventure? What did you pick up that was sustaining, supporting, or life-giving – write them down on a piece of paper and keep them in a safe, accessible place so that when your new journey becomes difficult, you know where to find sources of comfort and strength.  

I hope you find this ritual as meaningful as I do. I have used it many times over the years, sometimes doing it alone with just a journal and stretch my reflection over days. Or with friends as an elaborate ritual with fire, incense, and sparklers! It can be a powerful tool for us as we prepare for our beautiful chaos – unpacking what is no longer needed, leaving more space for us to receive what God has in store for us.  

My friends, I have no doubt that we will find ways to stay connected as we have through Curate Corner – so keep your eyes and ears open. Until then, it is with so much joy that I welcome Lisa back to her blog!  

Be well and see you soon, 
Deacon Megan

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