Beloved Trinity family & friends!

It is time for us to start talking and planning how we might join in and show our support and solidarity for our LGBTQ community at this year’s Toledo Pride Parade, Saturday, August 17th. We do not have a lot of additional information from the coordinators of the event at this point, but don’t want to delay getting us organized and ready.

At this point we are asking for two things from the entire membership.

  1. Who will be in town and willing and able to join us on Saturday, August 17 to either march or possible volunteer for a stint at a Trinity booth at the end of the parade?

Click here to add your name to a participant list so that we can keep you updated.

  1. Consider the possibility of stepping into a leadership role this. We would like two individuals who are willing to pair and up and be co-chairs for this year’s Trinity presence at Pride. Responsibilities would include:
  2. Hold 2-3 preparation/rally meetings with anyone else interested in participating
  3. Determine if we march only, try collaborating with other parishes, participate in Promenade Park Booth
  4. Coordinate any logistics with Staff and resources needed to participate
  5. Determine swag, t-shirts, banners, etc. that Staff can help order

If you are interested in helping this way please email Heather directly to further discuss ( )

Additional details we do have to date:

  1. Parade set for  Saturday, August 17th at 12:00 Noon
  2. If Trinity wants to participate in the parade, an online form must be completed
  3. Parade marchers must check in/line up at 11:00am on Adams in Uptown
  4. Fr. Jeff Bunke of St. Tim’s sent out an email to all NWO Episcopal churches asking if anyone wanted to combine efforts for a unified Episcopal presence. Two weeks ago, we replied that we were open to this if anyone had any ideas? We have not heard back but hope that might be a possibility for a strong showing!
  5. Due to current construction etc. the Parade will not be traveling in front of our church building this year and we are not sure of exact route at this point.

Thank you as always for being God’s love out in the world, and especially for your willingness to be a bold expression of the values we hold dear as a community of faith- inclusive, progressive and creative. What we do at events like this has the potential of gifting someone else with a glimpse into a different reality. A reality where all are truly welcome and wanted and maybe even the courage to act on that possibility.

What we do matters, not only for us on our individual journeys but out in the world as we radiate a love too big to be contained.