From Empty Table to One Full of People and Love

We’ve dreamed, we’ve planned, we’ve recruited, we’ve been trained, we’ve found two amazing young adults – and finally, the first two groups of Open Table Toledo are launching this month! 

Trinity’s ministry partner – long in the planning stages – brings small groups of 6-8 volunteers to embrace one young person emerging from foster care. Every week for one year, these groups meet over dinner and, through intention and over time, create trusting, loving communities to share life’s journey. 

All young people need safe places of support and encouragement as they venture into adulthood. This is especially true for those who, by aging out of foster care, are at higher risk of social/emotional isolation, poverty, and homelessness. 


We’re looking for Trinity parishioners to make a one-time commitment to prepare and serve the dinner for the meeting of our second small group, Table 2. Our first group met on Wednesday, June 5 with great success, and we want to offer just as a loving and nourshing of an evening to our second group!  The next meal will take place on Tuesday, June 18 at 6:30. This milestone event, known as The Breaking of the Bread, marks the first occasion the foster alum meets their group of volunteers. The dinner will be held in My Brother’s Place. 

The relationship-based model of Open Table Toledo is kingdom-making work, happening right here and right now. Trinity is thrilled to be the organizational host for this endeavor of loving-kindness.  

If you would like to sign up to prepare a dish, help set up the space in My Brother’s Place, or lead as the coordinator for the evening on June 18, please email Robert Durham (OTT founder) at

Dear friends,

Wednesday, June 5th marked the culmination of 17 months of hoping, dreaming, planning, and many, many, many meetings. Wednesday evening we launched the very first small group of Open Table Toledo — and I am SO grateful for the help with our inaugural dinner.

Trinity’s strong support has been a wonderfully unexpected and a major source of momentum for us.
We are deeply thankful and appreciative! And with a full dinner too boot? Zounds! It was be great to gather our volunteers and meet with Keontae without the added fussing of planning and preparing dinner. Many and deep thanks to Trinity — for everything.



Roberta Durham

Found of Open Table Toledo