Called to Serve

Information about Serving on the 2022 Trinity Vestry


A Corporation

Trinity Episcopal Church is a not-for-profit corporation in the State of Ohio. It operates according to both the laws of the state, the canons of the Episcopal Church, the Diocese of Ohio and policies of the parish.

The Vestry as Board

The vestry is the legal corporation of the parish. The rector is elected by the vestry with the approval of the Bishop of the Diocese of Ohio for life tenure. (According to the canons of the Episcopal Church, the rector must resign at age 72.) The rector, two wardens and up to twelve members comprise the vestry; membership for each parish is stipulated in the parish Code of Regulations. Currently, Trinity has a 9 member vestry. The rector is the presiding member. A chancellor, clerk, treasurer and assistant treasurer may be appointed by the rector and can be additional members outside of the 9 members. A youth representative, (between 16-18), may be appointed for a one-year term if willing and able. Election of members are at the Annual Meeting according to a process determined by the parish Code of Regulations. Each parish is required to have an Annual Meeting during the month of January with the third Sunday of the month being the preferred date set by the Bishop of the Diocese of Ohio.

Structure of the vestry


Each parish determines how the vestry is structured. Trinity has moved to a 3 Commission structure to attend to the canonical responsibilities of the vestry: Property, Finance and Administration. Each member of the vestry serves on either the Executive Committee (rector, wardens & clerk) or a Commission. Commissions meet in between vestry meetings and present recommendations to the vestry when an item exceeds the parameters of the current Operating Budget.

Current Vestry Membership


Vestry members serve for 3-year terms (with the opportunity to be elected to serve a second 3- year term in succession). Senior and Junior Wardens are nominated by the rector and then elected each year by the membership at the first organizational meeting following the Annual Meeting.

Class 2019-2022
(terms ending at 2021 Annual Meeting)
Dennis Degnan
Bob Meeker
Donna Steppe

Class 2020-2023
Jeffrey Albright
Jamie Paul
Leah Reed

Class 2021-2024
1.Roberta Durham
2.Fritz Hany
3.Becky Koskinen

Class 2022-2025

Nominating Process for Vestry

All members of the parish who meet the canonical criteria of being a “communicant in good standing” are encouraged to consider serving on Vestry (Canon I.17.3).


We interpret the requirement to mean each potential candidate is a committed member offering gifts (through a financial pledge), and a recognizable desire to take on the mantle of responsibility with this important leadership role for a season.


  • September-October: Members who would like to be considered need to schedule time to talk with Lisa and/or a member of the 2022 Nominating Committee before October 15, 2021.

2022 Nominating Committee: Donna Steppe, Roberta Durham & Jeffrey Albright

  • Nominating Committee will recommend a full slate of candidates, matching the number of open positions, to the Vestry at the October 26th meeting for approval. (We are committed to a process of discerning a slate of nominees to match the number of upcoming openings believing that this role is not about “competing” for open positions but rather seriously discerning one’s gifts and ability to serve in this important role.)
  • January: Names and bios will be published, per the Trinity By-Laws prior to the Annual Meeting.
  • January: Election of new vestry member(s )at the Annual Meeting, Sunday, January 30, 2022.
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